Me  loving life!

About a girl!… I’m a  graduate student of “University of Art” Bucharest, “Fashion Department” October 2005- June 2008. Since October 2008 to October 2009 I worked for  “13grade” romanian knit  fashion  design label ( My life revolves around art, just a hint of politics, fashion ,books, juicy weird movies, extreme sports(climbing, biking,hiking,) and of course good music(rock, progressive rock,trip-hop, downtempo, electro-chill, goa). More facts….you will find it  here!

2005: Been through first four Best projects  in The II International Designing festival “FOR THEMSELVES 2005” Poland

2008: University of Arts Bucharest Graduate(Fashion Design Department)

2008-2009: Fashion Designer at Marcroman SNK (

2010: Selected from a number of young romanian fashion designers to show my collection In Chicago for one year anniversary celebration of Creative Lounge Chicago, Inspired by Toyota Motor Corporation.

2010: Participated in Fashion fairs and shows.

2011: Working with Toyota Motor Corporation on a new Concept Car development.

2011: Member of Global Creative Network built by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Tel: 0740049611


What “Baraka’s Butterflly” means:

The  First context:  Baraka –  Judaism  – a blessing recited during  a ceremony

Butterfly- Seeds of blessing ;elements of  spirituality, joy, peace and love brought  to life, fashion and art.

The  Second context:Baraka: Persian, Turkish, Undu civilizations – spiritual wisdom

Butterfly -glimmers of fashion style and not only for wise, spiritual, artistic and through that …beautiful people.

The Third context: Baraka – Sufi(mystical dimension of islam) – breath of life

Butterfly-Characteristic to people that inspiring me : The  power of enjoying  life , culture,music, places, art  and everything beautiful around us. The women that I  would like to design clothes  for, have this qualities.

The Fourth context: Baraka – Bulgarian, croatian, serbian and slovene word – shack

Butterfly –  An old  and empty shack is on the way of breaking down. Her walls and her colours aren’t so powerful now. The space where we can find it, is somewhere in a far away desert. The  Butterfly is  the element of inovation and escape, novelty and futurism that could bring that empty collapse of the shack into a little bit sweet  taste  of  significant old atmosphere.


8 Responses to “Meeee”

  1. codrin Says:

    Nice work!
    I’ll be back.

  2. Bogdan Says:

    interesant…ghici cine sunt? 🙂 …daca e ok, te voi contacta sa vorbim

  3. catalina Says:


    aa un LA MUUUULTI ANI! intarziat 😀

  4. laura cirja Says:

    Buna Irina,

    As vrea sa te invit la un eveniment, Fashion movie, ce va avea loc in vara asta. unde as putea sa-ti trimit prezentarile evenimentului?


  5. daniel Says:

    Mihaela Bucurel is such a beautiful model, I hope there will be more of her on your nice blog!

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