Those good news

Well…Back then…we only thought about how might be going in Japan…succeeding and making it big. We didn’t know the results, but we made some pseudo plans and we had some fun…

We imagined how will be there, how we’ll improve our project and making it almost real. And still, we didn’t know…

The situation was pretty severe. I mean, people were nice and open minded, setting our mood in a very constructive direction. But, we were really scared about how everything might evolve. We invested a lot of energy in this project. And I loved it this way…

After all…everything went well. With some RightHereAfter issues, but good. Of course, followed by a great night with all the people we’ve meet there or those we already knew…Swell evening! Nothing could’ve been too far from perfect!

Next thing…next day out of Brussels and in one week Zee Results!

And yeah…Now  three days ago we received the invitation to go to Japan at Toyota Motor Corporation.

We did it or almost did it…Only that now Japan is in a major national crisis so…we don’t know how to react at such news…I know I’m happy in a way, but…who knows. I feel really bad for those in pain from Japan…In two months I hope everything will be solved or… almost everything.

Take care and be good!

Ma No Wa




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