Creative Lounge Chicago& Related events

Hello here again. I arrived home finally. Everything what happened in Chicago was perfect. With every little detail I was overwhelmed and amazed by that fabulous city and the beautiful people that I meet…I wish to do something like that very soon and I promise you I will work hard for this to happen.

First of all, our hotel was amazing and then our pop-up shop opened on 14th, followed by the young designers fashion show on 15th October…people we’ve meet, were people from different areas of fashion projects: creative directors, fashion photographers, models, fashion designers, stores managers, events producers,interior designers,stylists and directors of brand development.

Thanks to you all. For future we will arrange something similar, gathering  all around the world young artists and designers to improve the art communication and the ways fashion should be translated to the public. Fashion should be more available and young designers should have many opened doors showing their work.In Romania this is really an issue for certain reasons.I will post something about this with other occasion.

Now I feel a bit weird being home and leaving behind what happened there…But that’s what life and fashion I only have to be prepared for next steps, and being able to go back there or anywhere else in the world  building something beautiful. Bisous!

Photographer: Cesario Moza

Collection : Irina Irimia

More from catwalk soon.


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