Cool women!

Everyone has a woman in his life…Even a woman has another woman in her life. Even if that woman inspiring her or if they competing for something. The reason you like to have  women around you is because they just look fabulous. Well…let’s find ten real reasons we like at women!

1.  They are incredible beautiful!

2. Their smell can send you in another world!

3. Their hair is always shiny!

4. They are addicted to fabulous shoes!

5. They can have  great careers!

6. They are lovely  mothers!

7. They love!

8. They wear dresses!

9. Their body follows a very expressive line!

10.They have a beautiful smile!

Garance Dore!(

1. Because she’s doing a great job for Paris Vogue!

2.Because she has a very inspiring blog!

3. Because she is just wonderful!

French Alix! (

1. Because she is young and restless in fashion!

2. Because she has an interesting style!

3. Because she has a promising career!

Agathe! (Viva models)

1. Because she looks androginyous!

2. Because she is a great model!

3. Because she looks good on Balmain!

Tabitha Simmons!

1. Because she is a fashion director for  American Vogue!

2. Because she is fool of energy!

3.Because she has a beautiful house in Manhattan!

French Betty! (

1. Because she looks beautiful!

2. Because she has fashionable  clothes!

3.Because she lives  in Paris!

Yasmin Sewell!

1. Because she is mysterious!

2. Because i love her hair!

3. Because  of her attitude!

Well… that was it! I’m sure that you can find a lot of other reasons that you like women..or just these women!:)…Feel free to tell me!! Big kisses!


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3 Responses to “”

  1. andrei Says:

    Women are like planets moving around the Sun, which is the man, waiting for it’s raises to come and warm them.

  2. hertzi Says:

    “A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad. An optimist is a man who hopes they are.” [Chauncey Mitchell Depew]

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