I’m in love with this  bunch of crazy beautiful people….

It’s about what they inspiring me….the clothes that they put on, are fantastic and the mix between two or three styles….damnnnn….Look at this guy…he is definitely crazy..but in the good way..for me is perfect to see on the street something like that..after all… we are so damn free to be who we want…I dont even know why..in some cases  we keep wondering so much what to wear to impress or something .,.when actually it’s about being yourself…I know is nothing new what i’m writing here…but I was  stunned by these looks..and I realized the truth…:)….one of the truths…. The fact that..if you are able to bring  to life  such a fabulous look, means you are part from  the whole  importance of  knowing how to live and enjoy the beauty around you…What do you think  about that? For some people this isn’t a fact  of life …http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html

London  event- I like the mix between hair and accessories



After Ralph Lauren s/s10 NYC- I love the jacket and the bag…together


London Cofee- I love her attitude…


London-  I like her hair and the trench’s sleeves



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