Courtesy of summer

My summer is gone….and I feel the cold of the night again…and when I get  back in my room from a hot shower …and …i remember that i must take with me in the morning a nice bolero, even if in the middle of the day is still hot….and I remember of the  last summer how was gone either…how I spent my time in Florida…i remember those people..i miss them…and i miss the places …the beaches…but all of them are  gone..and the autumn brings  something new and beautiful also in a different way…Now it’s time for the same change again…I think i’m ready…what else can we do?…After all …next summer is not so far away….:) Have  a beautiful and…inspiring  autumn!

summer is gone

1. I don’t know where did i get this one from (i will find)


3.Idem 1.

4.Idem 1.


5.Garance Dore


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2 Responses to “”

  1. andrei007 Says:

    So you have a shower in your room.
    That’s.. sexy

  2. irinairimia Says:

    Not quite…:)..but it’s close to…Something else….?

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