Spirit of Baraka

This is my university degree collection work. My subjects are ” Baraka” movie and  climbers life style. The spirituality, beautiful landscapes, the power of nature, the decade of our society and the symbols of different religions guide me trough the entire concept of my collection. Being a  climber implies the fact that you must travel around the world to find the best  areas for doing that. You need of course a physical power but is not enough. We can talk also about an inner force that motivates you. After i made a connection between this two subjects I had to choose my icon. So I choose Julie Delphy  from “Before sunset” movie. I will let your mind open  now to guess the rest of the concept and the clothes of course. 🙂

baraka2baraka 3baraka4baraka 4baraka7baraka6baraka12baraka 11baraka 10baraka8baraka9baraka13

Model : Dalia  Poleac

Fotograf: Florin Pruteanu


2 Responses to “Spirit of Baraka”

  1. dumitrita Says:

    Well, I can recognize you have feeling and, of course, Dalia. Nice work, girls!:D

  2. irinairimia Says:

    Thanks sweety…:)

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