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September 24, 2014


Cruise 2015 Preview

September 10, 2014

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 Collection: Irina Irimia

Photo: M.Popovici

Place: Balchik, Bulgary




cruise 2015

Fragile – Cruise 2014 Collection

September 1, 2013



Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Fragile Cruise 2014


Concept & Collection: Irina Irimia 
Photgrapher: Mădălina Toderaşcu
Model : The awesome muse
Place: Fragile Garden
Accessories: Emotions and sensations

For orders or any other details please send me an e-mail at

June 16, 2013


                            Customised dresses






paul gaugain dress









So there it is! In case you want something special, with a twist, send me a message at

Have a lovely sunday!


In Bloom

April 10, 2013



In Bloom


Voice of burgeons speaking the freedom avenue.

A world built under the touch of a grunge feeling and baroque details.

Let’s start a new era by bringing wilderness and nature straight to us. It’s about a map of solutions and freedom achieving tips and tricks. Find your own expression and rebellion through colors, textures and the right attitude. Music is another way of expressing your inner self too.

The role of The Woman stands on these three elements: solid attitude, elegant reactions and wild spark in her eyes based on the way of truth and spirituality.


Styling project coordinated by me.

In Bloom

January 1, 2013

                         New minicollection! Coming up soon



Model: Atoussa Sophia Bassiri

Photographer: Gabriel Nedelcu (official)

*This photo is made and edited by me

Make-up: Pushy

Shoes: Passpartous

Hair style: Irina Irimia

Creative Director: Irina Irimia

January 1, 2013

                              Childhood In Space Campaign

Designer/Creative Director: Irina Irimia

Photographer: Andrei Tanase

Make-up & Hair style: Denisa Avram

Model: Delia Tudose

Shoes: Il Passo

Jewelry: Ashley Scott ( Chicago)


May 27, 2012

 Frames Of Style 

It was a success! More about it soon. Stay in love!





Collection: Irina Irimia

Photographer: Mircea Netea

May 17, 2012

         Cruise 2012 – Childhood in Space

Soon my new collection will be on stage. J-Wind creative Consultants, Global Creatives Network sustain the second edtition of this lovely event, Frames Of Style. I was the coordinator and I’m telling you, it will be awesome!

You can come if you have the invitation.

Thank you,


May 3, 2012

                      White Rabbit – Capsule Collection


Fashion Designer/Creative Director: Irina Irimia

Photographer: Mircea Struteanu

Model: Georgiana Tudor

Location: Bucharest